Really liking the new The Good Natured vid: #TheGoodNatured #5-HT

Another unreleased demo from 2007.

11 years since Layne Stayley died. The greatest rock/grunge singer of all time with no competition. A massive inspiration that got me through the 90’s.

Another unreleased demo - this one is from 2006 and features some samples from The Hunger TV series - Bowie at his best!

New Rabbit Junk is sounding huge!

Unreleased demo track from 2007.

This track was written with a long time collaborator John from the Industrial Death Metal act Nekrodrako. 

This is a previously unreleased remix of I hate you, made by Schism Trace back in 2007. I’ll be adding more unreleased demo’s and remixes soon - just to get it all out there.


Madonna in the 90’s = the best.


Nine men on hydraulic jacks that swing to their voices. So bizarre yet oddly beautiful. 

(by way of CollabCubed)

C R U S H   T H E   P O T A T O E S   W I T H   A   M A C E